Blogging Resources:

Portfolio 1:

Portfolio 2:

In-class Presentation

This presentation accounts for 10% of your final course grade, and is part of the Portfolio 3 development process.

Portfolio 3:

Considering Design:

Considering Ethics:


Production Resources:

  • Get MovieMaker Live
  • Using MovieMaker Live:
  • Using IMovie:
  • Please note: you don’t HAVE to use MovieMaker or IMovie. There’s a number of websites that will help you create a video. You’ll find several of the many options listed here, and here. Some of these are free, others are not. Not all allow you to post to YouTube (so if you choose one that doesn’t, let me know, and we’ll figure out where it’s posted and what address you should send me…) If you want to look for more, google things like “make movie in browser.”
  • If you want to use animation, check out some of these options:
  • Poke around! You’ll find lots more options for doing this work. (Just this weekend, for example, my daughter installed an I-pod app, Puppet Pals, that would be wonderful for making a video, even a research-based, argumentative video, depending on your audience!)
  • Need to edit pictures you want to use? Try pixlr, or Photoshop Express. (Neither requires a download–you work in your browser.)
  • Need to edit sound? Try Audacity. (Free; must download/install.)

Questions, solved?




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