In the 9:30 class on Thursday, we were discussing how to reverse an existing video. Here’s what I’ve found out so far.

Basically, what you’ve got to do is divide the video into individual frames, reverse their order, then export them as one (reversed) unit. Lots of (high dollar) programs do this, but I’ve found (so far) two free alternatives.

You can use MovieMaker to do it (but it’s tedious…). Here’s a video showing how.

I also found a free program called virtual dub (download at that seems to streamline the process some. Here’s a video showing how the process works in that program.

Let us know if you find other/better programs or techniques? (And if you have production questions, let us know that, too, so we can all be looking for ideas/solutions for you!)


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  1. drL says:

    hey, so Alex made the video, and here’s how he wound up doing the reversal. He writes, “…I was about to give up but I came across a program that would allow you to reverse videos, called Sony Vegas Pro. It is a paid program but luckily it has a free trial….” So, stick that in your back pocket, friends, and save it for when the alternatives seem too tedious, but the need is too short to justify springing for a fix….

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