Your required blog posting this week is to get a start on your reflective overview for portfolio 3.

Your reflective overview has two “sections,” or components, this time (click to review them, in the assignment sheet). One is to articulate and justify your choices in the video. The other is to consider your work and learning over the whole semester, and to make plans for how you’ll continue developing your reading, writing, and research skills in future. For this week’s blog posting, begin your reflection!

In considering the first of these things–the work you’ve done on the video–consider all the readings (and discussion) we’ve done on designing thoughtful, rhetorically effective arguments (and especially visual arguments). Use the ideas from those readings (like those on C.R.A.P. design principles) to talk through how you’ve worked to achieve your purposes, with your chosen audience, through your choices in making the video and supporting your argument.

In considering the work you’ve done in our class this term, make use of specifics (like the course description and learning outcomes, and the assignment sheets, etc.) to talk about what you’ve learned (and how) (and how you’ll continue to do so). Evaluate your work, specifically, and back up your assessments.


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