For this week’s required blog, I want you to revisit the portfolio 2 assignment sheet and evaluation criteria. Consider your current drafts in light of these documents. What do you think is strong about your draft?

Consider what needs revising (strengthening audience and purpose): Does this fulfill the purpose of  (an annotated bib? a review of lit?) as we have discussed them? Do you share the research, teaching us why this is important/what it means in terms of your research question, as you go? Do you integrate quotes and paraphrases carefully, instead of “plopping” them in? Do you cite carefully (important for this text to function as it should, especially with an academic audience) and in an academic style, including both in-text and work cited/bibliographic citations? Do you use the sources to build your argument? Do you include a thoughtful statement of purpose and audience for the final project?

Consider what needs editing (strengthening “correctness”): Do you notice any patterns of error–surface errors (like comma splices, run ons, etc.) that you make repeatedly?

What grade would you give your drafts right now? How could you improve upon them?


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