Your required blog post this week is to share with us a kind of map, or overview, of your research to date, along the lines of what we were doing on the board in class last Thursday.

I want to know: what perspectives on the issue and/or views if the involved have you accounted for? what questions or concerns still need to be answered? what information might your reader need as background, or evidence? Do you have all of the things you need? what holes need to be plugged in your research? Where/how should you look for these items? (Think–who would be writing on the issue? where/how would they publish? What keywords would help you find these sorts of texts, and the kinds of authors and perspectives on the issue you need?)

Remember, you should do two more posts between 3/20 and 3/26, on topics of your choice, related to the work of the course. Consider how to use these to help you progress in your work on your research, annotations, review of lit, and/or reflection. Consider using one to prep for, or unpack what happened in, your writer’s conference. (You could, for example, make note of the feedback you got on your drafts, and make plans for how you’ll respond to that feedback.)


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