Signing up:

Sign up for a time in class on 3/13 and 15. As times fill, I’ll type up the schedule–check below to find out who your group mates are.

If you missed sign up, consult the schedule below. You can join the wiki, and add yourself to the schedule, or email me letting me know which open time you want. (NO MORE THAN 3 per slot please. If no available times work for your school/work schedule, let me know and we’ll work something out.)

We all understand that those with earlier conference times will probably have less developed drafts than those at the end of things. Do not let this stop you from signing up for an “early” conference time. In fact, if you’re really stuck on this project, I’d advise signing up for the early part of the week to help you get started fruitfully.

Before the conference:

NO LATER THAN 36 HOURS BEFORE YOUR CONFERENCE, email me AND each group mate a copy of your drafts (whatever stage they are at) of the annotated bib and review of lit. Read their drafts, making marginal comments as appropriate. (Here’s how to do that using MSWord.) Fill in this worksheet for EACH group mate’s review of literature.

When you receive drafts: read each, and use the “track changes” feature to make comments in the margins. Answer the feedback form I’ve given you. (You’ll bring these things to the conference. Keep reading….)

On the conference date:

I’ll meet you in my office, 239C Dial. Bring a print copy of the review of lit (don’t worry about printing the bib, as it can be quite lengthy) and your notes/suggestions/comments/etc. on each colleague’s work OR email commented-upon drafts and the worksheet back to the authors, and bring those electronically to aid you in discussion.  We’ll discuss each draft in turn. The author will not be permitted to speak, at first. The draft will, like all writing, eventually have to stand on its own merits; we’ll start practicing that now. Your group mates will lead the conversation, telling you what all, good and bad, they saw in your draft, and suggestions for next steps. They’ll hand off their notes, and then you, the author, will get a chance to talk about your draft and ask us questions.

Conference schedule

All conferences are scheduled Tuesday 3/20, Wednesday 3/21, and Thursday 3/22 from  9 am to 5 pm in Dial 239C. Since I will be conferencing all week, and you will be busy preparing for the conference, completing your research, and polishing drafts of your bib and review of lit to hand in on 3/29, we will not meet as a class 3/20-22.

Tuesday 3/20 Schedule

Wednesday 3/21 Schedule

Thursday 3/22 Schedule


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