Your assigned blog post this week (due by next Monday at latest) is to share at least one annotation of a source, including citation.

You are still responsible for 3 blogs postings weekly as we continue work on portfolio 2. I’ll give you one prompt a week. Consider how to use the other two blog posts each week to do/think through your research project in some way. Some ideas: brainstorm what question to answer/group perspective/source to look for next, and where/ how to look for it; Reflect on how two or more sources are “in conversation” with one another; Consider what you’ve found out so far and respond to your research question; Write “installments” towards the portfolio 2 reflection, considering what you’ve worked on this week, what you’ve learned, what you need to do next….  What other ways can you use the required blogs to help get your work done? Leave ideas in the comments to help your classmates, if you feel inspired to do so!


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  1. david025 says:

    One Idea is to blog about multiple sources you are using so that you can draw connections between those sources and find potential wholes to fill or weak points to strengthen.

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