To begin your research and writing project for the term, you need to choose a topic, develop a research question, and write a project proposal. The purpose of the project proposal is to share your idea with your colleagues and I, so we can offer feedback and guidance. Your proposal is due before your class time on Thursday, February 23rd.

Your proposal should be at least 500 words in length, and should:

  • Identify the topic, and your initial research question.
  • Tell us a bit about the topic and research questions, and why it’s a problem worth addressing. Your goal here is to create reader interest in your topic, and illustrate how it fits into the course theme (community health and wellness), and why it interests you personally.
  • Tell us what you already know about the topic.
  • Tell us what you think you need to find out, and where/how you will look for this information. (Be as specific as possible on this last–generating lists of questions to answer,  keywords and search strings to try, and places to  look–specific databases, types of authors, etc–will be helpful as you move forward. Please don’t tell us “I’ll google this” and have done with it. That’s not good enough.)

Draft your proposal offline, in a word-processing program, to give yourself time to think and to polish your writing and your ideas. When you are done, post your proposal to your blog. (This should be done and up before class on the 23rd.)

The proposal is NOT part of portfolio 2. This will be graded as complete and thoughtful (full credit), incomplete/undeveloped (half credit), or not done (no credit), and will count as part of your participation grade.  That said, this is a necessary, and important, step in your work this term, so put some time and effort into your topic selection and your proposal.


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