Just saw a news story I’m curious to hear your take on: In Hoke County, a preschooler’s lunch was determined to be unhealthy, and substituted. The child’s lunch consisted of a sandwich, fruit, juice, and chips. The replacement meal? Chicken nuggets. Now: there are ways to make more healthful nuggets than those we talked about recently, but my school’s were frozen, and probably much the same as those we saw the video of. Remember the punk goo?

More details here. Click comment and let me know what YOU think. Me? I’d be ticked.


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  1. david025 says:

    I have heard of this all week. My first thought is since when is cafeteria food ever “healthy.” Most of it is over processed and under priced. Plus who gave them the authority to tell parents what to feed their kids. The government health mandates on food is for the school kitchen not my kitchen.

    • I think that this whole situation is absurd. In a way it makes me upset because to me this kid was given a traditional lunch that was somewhat healthy and the teachers would rather them eat chicken nuggets. What if the child was allergic to chicken nuggets? I feel like the child was at school to learn and what he/ or she brings for lunch is solely up to that child’s parents. This also has me confused because in elementary school when we went on field trips, what was in our lunch bag? A nasty sub sandwich, an apple, a bag of chips, a cookie, and milk. Is this not about the same thing? I just think that children need to go to school to learn about things that will actually impact their lives rather than worrying about what they put into their bodies at lunch time.

  2. letstalk12 says:

    I agree with david025 .. cafeteria food has never been good ! They have no right to tell parents what is wrong for their child. That should be their choice on what they want their child to have. I’m pretty sure it won’t be any worse than cafeteria food !

  3. pap002 says:

    Cafeteria food is nasty over home packed meal for lunch. It just disturbs me to hear that chicken nuggets are better than a turkey sandwich. It is WRONG!!!! What is going to happen to the child’s health in the future if they keep surviving those greasy chicken nuggets?

  4. su0001 says:

    I just did my blog on this. So I don’t have much to say about it just except that I feel sorry for the child and the other kids, and her future if the school cafeteria doesn’t do something about that FAST. Hopefully the school’s cafeteria starts serving healthy food to the students.

  5. kelseyh10 says:

    I agree with david025. When I was in school, I never thought of any of the food we ate was “healthy.” It always was over cooked or under cooked. I started taking my own lunch but as I got older it got old too. Being a athlete in high school, I never ate lunch even though I knew it was wrong for my body. I just never had enough of guts to eat it. I was afraid of it making me sick or something.

  6. This makes no sense but to be honest I am not surprised. The amount of stupid in this country grows everyday and our generation is getting desensitized to the daily idiocracy. I am surprised that a public school is telling a family what their child will eat on a daily basis. If I’m not mistaken this is wrong. For a government funded school to impose their will on a child like this is funny, you must see the irony. Schools should be seen as ground zero for the obisity problem pleauging the United States, for a school (who is getting their money from a government who is fighting obiesity) to force a child to replace their healthy food for a tray of chicken nuggets and a carton of milk seems counter productive. But that is just my opinion.

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