…but it’s not. And what’s to blame?

Yep. Chicken nuggets.

I ran across a little piece the other day–the title (“17-Year-Old Girl Has Eaten Chicken Nuggets Every Day for the Last 15 Years”) caught my eye, as I had just watched that video about the really old McDonald’s and how it doesn’t seem to deteriorate as “real food” does. I didn’t find this in an academic place AT ALL–it came from Oddity Central, a personally authored blog– hardly a bastion of journalistic “in depth” coverage on anything. So I did a little research to explore this topic just a bit more, and what I found should be pretty obvious to all of us. Chicken nuggets aren’t really made of the best stuff (see this video, if you can stomach it), nor are they healthy in many other ways (here’s the nutrition label). And let’s don’t even get into whether or not they deteriorate over time. (I can’t get that Happy Meal out of my mind!) News Flash: fast food “chicken” nuggets can hardly serve as the centerpiece of any even remotely-healthy diet.

The 17-year old in question, the blog post reports, is beginning to have health problems as a result of her diet:  “The young factory worker was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed and experienced breathing difficulties. Doctors found she was anemic and had swollen veins in her tongue. But despite being admitted and put on an urgent course of vitamins, Stacey still can’t get enough of chicken nuggets.” How many people, just like Stacey, is this true for? What problems will it cause them, long term? Are they doing it because, like her, they just “want” to–or because it’s all that’s readily available and affordable? If the latter, how shall they improve their diet, and, long-term, their health?

(One final point, kind of an aside–the author reports “Another less serious problem caused by Stacey Irvine’s chicken nugget addiction is the large number of toys she collected with all her nugget meals. She has so far managed to acquire four garbage bags full of toys, and she’s running out of space to store them.” I try to be pretty environmentally minded–so four garbage bags full of unnecessary plastic shite from China doesn’t seem that minor a problem either. But at least it won’t kill ya.) (Unless we start factoring in transporting all that stuff, and global warming. Or the outsourcing of American jobs and a pretty easily linked up lack of insurance for unemployed American workers…. Or…)



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