For Thursday, you read  “About StoryCorps”, and explored the Griot initiative on their site, listening to whatever stories interested you.  Your assigned blog post for the week builds on that.  Here’s the task:

Locate an oral history project (online) that interests you. Link to, and report on, this project. Who did the project? Why/for what purpose? For what audience? What did you learn about 1) oral history, 2) the topic of the interviews through exploring it? What did you like about learning from people, through their stories? When/did you wish for “ACADEMIC DATA” to explore these histories in a different way?

Complete this task and respond on your blog sometime the week of 1/30-2/6. Remember: you are responsible for TWO other blog posts this week. These should be on 1) something from class you wanted to think more on; 2) something (related) from OUTSIDE class you wanted to think on and share. (I’ve been posting on things I find outside class that I think relate to community and health in various ways. I hope this helps you think more broadly about what you watch/read/hear, and what you might blog about. In fact, I’m about to write another now.)


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