…you need to know a bit about where your informant is coming from. One useful thing to do would be some research on the town and/or county they are from. (If you don’t know who your informant will be, yet, pick any one of the three we’re working with. Maybe you should pick the one you think you know the least about?) To help push you towards these ends, I’m assigning a second prompt for you to consider on your blog this week.

For Thursday 1/26, then:

By Friday, 1/27, sometime:

  • write a response to this reading on your blog. For this posting, you should: Do some research on one of the three counties (Scotland, Hoke, Robeson) we’ll be exploring through interviews, and report back on your research findings. Summarize “Why Place Matters,” then use the measures of community health you just read about to consider the county. Is it “healthy”? Why/why not? What could/should be done to improve the health and well-being of the community?
  • (There’s a LOT to do there, so I expect to see thoughtful, well developed postings! I want you to practice summary, so do as thorough a job summarizing that reading as you can, and then use the ideas from it to help guide your research into Hoke, Scotland, or Robeson County. Over the weekend, some of your classmates may read your blog to help them learn more, so make sure you write with an audience in mind. Share relevant links, and develop your ideas fully, and in a reader-friendly way.)

(You are responsible, too, for a third post by Monday sometime, on either something from class you wanted to think more on, OR something outside class that’s related to what we’re doing.)


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