In these sections of English 1060, you will explore research and writing practices and processes while participating in an investigation of health issues in Scotland, Hoke and Robeson Counties. You will be taught how to interview families in the area to gather “oral histories” about their access to medical care and their experiences with obtaining the medical care they need, as well as their ideas about the relative wellness of the community. (We’ll work at teasing these ideas of “health” and “wellness” apart as we go.) Following this oral history project, you will choose a community health issue as the basis of your own research project (portfolio 2). Finally, you will use your research to take action, in the mode/genre of your choice, for portfolio 3.

While this theme and our shared readings give us a shared topic for exploration, the real subject of the class is writing and improving the critical thinking and information literacy skills that will enable you to research, read and write more effectively.

This website is intended to help you succeed in ENG 1060. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it.  Read the syllab(us/i) for your course(s). Check out the class plans page to see what homework  you should have done for the next class, and to see what we’ll do in that day’s class.  The resources page will link you to information that will help you with your blogging, your research and writing projects, and college life generally. The writing projects page will link to each assignment sheet (as they are released), as well as to resources specific to that assignment. To the right of any blog page, you’ll see a menu (the blogroll) that will soon link to YOUR blogs, online spaces you’ll establish, individually, to write about what you’re reading and working on. Each week, I’ll add another post to this homepage, highlighting something you’ll be working on or thinking about during the week.

ENG 1060 Syllabus

ENG 1030 (Plus One Lab) Syllabus


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